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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have minimum rental requirement?

Yes, we do.

• For Will call orders (self-pickup/Return), minimum rental required is $50. If your order is less than $50, you may pay a surcharge to reach min. rental.
• For delivery orders, minimum rental required is $200 (within a 10-mile radius) plus delivery fee. Minimum rental required for 10+ miles radius increases accordingly. 

Do you offer Free Delivery?

We do not offer free delivery. Delivery/pick up price is determined based on distance and load. Any difficult access, timed delivery, and/or pick up will be at additional premiums.

What do you mean by “confirmation”?

• “Confirmation” means that you have completed the credit card authorization form provided to you and have sent it back to us via fax or e-mail. Once received, we will respond with acknowledgment and rental contract.
• Please note that a quote sent to you does not act as an order confirmation.
• Unless we have a credit card authorization form on file for your order, we do not reserve, set aside, or guarantee availability of items as everything is “first pay, first get.”

Is there a deposit charge?

Yes, there is. We charge a 25% non-refundable deposit when the order is confirmed. The 25% charge is applied to order total (i.e. we charge 25% deposit now, 75% 24-48 hours prior to delivery).

What is considered “difficult access” and are there additional costs?

Difficult access means that the accessibility of venue/designated drop off spot is difficult. Whether it be due to stairs, elevators, distances of long carry (carrying over 50 feet from the truck), or because the ground has gravel and we cannot use dollies to transport the rentals, there are additional costs. The exact cost is determined by the order load and anticipated additional labor involved.

What is your cancellation policy?

• All confirmed orders are subject to a 25% non-refundable deposit, regardless of when the order was placed.
• There is a 50% cancellation fee if the order is canceled within 72 hours notice from DELIVERY DATE.
• There is a 100% cancellation fee if the order is canceled within 48 hours of DELIVERY DATE.
• The cancellation fee is applicable regardless of when the order is placed.

Can items be added/removed after confirmation?

• Order must be finalized at least three days prior to delivery date to ensure timely processing of changes.
• Once the order is confirmed, you may reduce your order total by up to 10%.
• Custom orders are 100% non-refundable if confirmed and canceled (custom made linens, sub rentals…)
• There is no fee or penalty for adding items to the order after confirmation, except the of cost of the additional items. All additions are subject to availability.

Does Imperial crew set up upon delivery?

• Installation of tents, dance floors, staging, Astroturf, furniture, pipe and drape, and lighting must be done by Imperial Party Rentals.
• Setup and breakdown of chairs, tables, and linens are optional upon request. Customer must request a setup/breakdown to the office staff in advance, so we assure quote/order reflect associated costs.

What are Imperial Party Rentals’ Delivery hours and what is considered time restriction?

• Our normal delivery/pick up hours are 7:30am to 7:30pm. Please note that arrival times may be as late as 8:30pm for holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year).
• We do offer time delivery/pick up at an additional cost to ensure arrival at a specific time, or within a specific window. Specific time frames for arrival must be requested in advance to ensure we can accommodate your request.
• It is imperative to communicate any timing requests with the office staff ONLY. Any requests communicated with the driver are not valid as the drivers do not prepare the routes.
• If no time restriction is requested, we encourage you to call or email us the day before delivery/pick up (around 5 pm during the week and 2 pm on Saturday) to receive an ETA.

What if no one is available upon delivery or pick up?

If you cannot be present, you may give us written instruction where to drop off/setup the rentals. If we are unable to access residence, venue, or secure area where rentals are to be delivered to or picked up from, there is a second delivery/pick up fee (equal to or more than the original) for having to travel back to complete the job.

Do I get a refund for items not used?

Unfortunately, you do not.

What happens if rentals received are short or defective?

• Shortage or any issues must be reported prior to the event, so we can correct them for you, or the invoice quantities will be considered received & in working conditions.
• If customer discovers any issues outside regular business hours, customer must call our main number and leave a message and someone will get back as quickly as possible.
• For will call orders, customer is responsible to check items and quantities upon pick up.
• Please do not send any e-mails after hours for shortage and/or defective items as no one checks e-mails after hours.

What do I need to know while rentals are in my possession?

• Prior to pick up or return, all equipment should be placed in their delivery containers.
• If linen is moist, DO NOT bundle or bag, lay open until completely dry as mildew cannot be removed.
• Responsibility for all rental remains with the customer from delivery to return.
• Customers are responsible for all breakage and lost equipment.
• All items should be secured and protected from harmful weather conditions.
• Failure to return rentals within contracted dates and times will result in additional ½ rentals per day(s) exceeded.

Are there any requirements for the entrance where the delivery goes?

Yes! We require at least a 4’ entryway. Please discuss with the office staff if the entryway is not as wide so we can provide alternative solution. Especially if you have dance floors, bars, or lounge furniture (large items in general), we require that the entryway and turning space be at least 4 feet wide to ensure the items can be transported to their designated or desired location.

Does the dinnerware need to be returned clean after my event?

All dishes need to be rinsed and free of food. There is a 20% cleaning fee for dinnerware and glassware. If there is no access to water, we ask that plates be wiped down and glasses to be emptied. If glasses have sugar/salt/seasoning lined rims, we ask that it, too, be wiped off.

For Will call orders do I need to have an order in place or can I just show up?

• Yes, you do need to place an order in advance, and minimum rental for will call is $50.
• We ask that you have a confirmed order in place prior to arriving for pick up because we need to ensure the rentals are available and ready for pick up.
• Rentals are prepared by warehouse workers, not office staff, so we may not be able to accommodate last-minute requests. Please call ahead to ensure item and workers availability.

What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit cards, checks, as well as cash payments.

How does cash payment work?

• Credit card authorization form is still required regardless of payment method.
• Cash deposit is due within a week of placing the order. Cash balance must be received in-store at least 3 business days prior to the delivery date. Special arrangements can be made with office staff to pay upon delivery for orders less than $500.
• We place a 25% hold on the credit card until payment is received. A full hold will be placed on the credit card provided if cash is paid upon delivery (must be arranged and approved with office staff).
• Checks are not considered cash.
• Debit cards are not considered cash.

What if I would like to pay with a check?

• Checks must be received at least 10 days prior to delivery date.
• We do not take checks made out to “cash.” 
• Credit card authorization form is still required regardless of payment method.
• We will place a hold for the full amount due until the check is received and clears.

Do you offer any discount to nonprofit organizations?

Yes, we do. There is a 5% non-profit discount given that 501-C3 form is submitted to Imperial Party Rentals, and payment is made via non-profit organization’s check.

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